Seychelles and MIOT Hospitals sign New Training Partnership

12 February 2014 | Health

The Seychelles Government and MIOT Hospitals, India, have concluded an agreement for the provision of medical training, during the visit of Vice President Danny Faure and his delegation to Chennai. The Vice President represented President James Michel as Chief Guest at the 15th Anniversary of the MIOT Hospitals.
Following negotiations on a new cooperation framework between the Republic of Seychelles and MIOT Hospitals, the Vice President said that MIOT International Hospitals will annually provide an agreed number of post graduate programmes to Seychellois doctors and training to medical students at no cost to the Seychelles Government. He added that MIOT will also provide training to other health professionals in several areas.

Vice  President Faure thanked MIOT Hospitals for choosing Seychelles as the first country it will partner with in order to establish a medical university hospital. He said that the MOU was a milestone in consolidating the new partnership.

The Memorandum of Understanding that was signed by the Minister for Health, Mrs. Mitcy Larue and Mrs. Malika Mohandras the Chairperson of MIOT Hospitals, today, in Chennai.

Minister Larue explained that the MOU will provide attachments for a period of approximately one month to health professionals from medicine, nursing and other fields as will be determined jointly by Seychelles and MIOT. The Principal Secretary for Health, Mrs. Peggy Vidot, described the MOU as 'exciting times for the new direction' of the Ministry of Health. She said that MIOT will provide a medical consultant in internal medicine for a period of six months, and other consultants for short term periods to assist Seychelles in strengthening its health services. MIOT will also assist Seychelles in strengthening its clinical laboratory, starting with a comprehensive needs assessment and provide technical assistance in the form of a hospital planner and designer to develop the Seychelles hospital.

Vice-President Faure toured the MIOT Hospitals and met with all 16 Seychellois patients who are receiving specialised treatment there, and on behalf of the Seychelles Government, he expressed his gratitude to MIOT management and medical staff for the quality of care given to all Seychellois patients since Seychelles started sending patients to MIOT  in 2005.

MIOT Hospitals is a leading multi-specialty hospital which has received international patients from over 129 countries

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