President commends high profile Seychellois appointments in COMESA institutions

31 March 2015 | State House

President James Michel has extended his congratulations to three Seychellois men who have been mandated to represent Seychelles in high profile roles within organs of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

In a letter to former President James Mancham, President Michel said that his re-election  to the Committee of Elders of COMESA is a source of immense pride and honour to the people of Seychelles.

“It underscores your qualities as a statesman and an eloquent testimony to your grandeur d’esprit. It is also an endorsement of the leadership role you have played in preventive diplomacy and on issues relating to peace, security and stability,” said the President.

President Michel also sent a letter of congratulations to Mr. Bernard Georges who was elected as one of the twelve judges to the Court of Justice of COMESA. This is the first time a Seychellois is appointed as Judge to the Court.

“Your appointment to the Bench of COMESA is a well-deserved recognition of your professional qualities as a legal practitioner and an endorsement of the confidence that our neighbours and partners on the African continent place in you and in Seychelles. It brings immense pride and satisfaction to Seychelles, as well as added visibility to our country,” said Mr. Michel in the letter.

The President furthermore extended his felicitations to Mr. George Tirant, Chief Executive Officer of the Fair Trading Commission, who has been appointed as Board Member of the COMESA Commission for Competition.

“Your appointment to the COMESA Commission for Competition is a well-deserved recognition of your professional integrity and your commitment to public service. We are immensely proud of your achievement, a singular honour that we all share whole-heartedly.”

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