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President Faure speaks on building Blue Economy partnerships at Russia-Africa Forum

Sochi, Russia: President Danny Faure made a statement at the first historic Russia-Africa Summit today. 

Speaking on the importance of Russia-Africa relations, President Faure said, “The future Russia-Africa relationship should be defined by our joint cooperation to achieve the goals of both Agenda 2063 and the Global Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.”

Addressing President Vladimir Putin, co-chair President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, and other African Heads of State and Government, President Faure continued, “The next frontier for Africa’s development is the Blue Economy. We count on the Russian Federation to build new partnerships as we harness the opportunities of the Blue Economy. 

As we concentrate our efforts in building our partnership for the benefit of our people, we must be mindful that climate change remains the number one global threat to our existence,” said the President. 

Key areas of cooperation between Russia and African countries were also addressed at the summit. On the subject of trade, President Faure emphasised on the need for “win-win trade relations” between Russia and Africa to tackle the various obstacles to economic development on the continent. 

Seychelles continues to be a leading voice in the urgent need for climate action and sustainable development across the continent. President Faure said today, “we count on the Russian Federation to accompany us in these defining moments to truly combat climate change. Seychelles will continue to raise its voice in all fora for climate action, ocean protection and the blue economy.”