President Faure meets with members of the Seychelles Health Emergency Operation Centre

01 February 2020 | Health

The President of the Republic, Mr Danny Faure, held a meeting with members of the Department of Health Emergency Operation Centre (Rapid Response Team) under the leadership of the Public Health Commissioner, Dr Jude Gedeon, at the Seychelles Hospital this afternoon. Also present was the new Secretary of State for Health, Mrs Marie-Pierre Lloyd. 
The meeting was convened in order for the Rapid Response Team members to formally brief the President, who also officially assumes the responsibility of Minister for Health as of today, on the various measures being implemented in relation to the international outbreak of the Coronavirus. 
The meeting focussed on actions being undertaken in line with the Department of Health outbreak response plan initiated based on existing guidelines and specialised areas for response during a public health emergency. 
This includes actions and measures by the Emergency Operation Centre (Rapid Response Team) and thematic groups including Coordination, Surveillance/Laboratory, Case Management and Infection Prevention and Control, Risk Communication and Social Mobilization, Control at Points of Entry, and Logistics and Supplies. Each group has a leader and dedicated team working extensively to ensure effective coordination as the outbreak progresses internationally.
Discussion also surrounded some of the key challenges being encountered and identification of areas of assistance the Government can provide to the Department of Health to further boost their level of preparedness should the country be faced with a case of the coronavirus. 
Following discussions, the President thanked and commended the Department of Health officials for their hard work, recognizing their task is very challenging given the dynamic, unpredictable nature of the situation. He said that the Government appreciates their continued engagement as Health professionals who are committed to protect and care for citizens. 
So far the Department of Health in Seychelles has not recorded any cases of the coronavirus however the various prevention measures have been heightened to minimize the possibility of any cases occurring as well as being fully prepared should the eventuality arise. 
Speaking to the press after the meeting Dr Gedeon also shared information on the various travel advisory measures being implemented and urged members of the public to follow closely all formal communications being issued by the Department of Health. 
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