State House

Office of the President of The Republic of Seychelles


President Faure chairs special meeting of Rapid Response Committee

President Danny Faure chaired a special meeting of the Rapid Response Committee at State House this morning.


The purpose of the meeting was to review existing structures in line with the announcement made earlier this week that Government would continue the financial assistance scheme for private sector employees from July to 31 December 2020. This announcement was made following the consultative session with key representatives of Government and private sector on Thursday.


Members briefed the President on what has been done so far to protect citizens from the economic impacts of COVID-19. They discussed the way forward for the labour market, including re-skilling opportunities for Seychellois employees as well as encouraging innovation for companies at the national level. They also reviewed social protection and poverty alleviation structures and how to strengthen them.


There was also a lengthy discussion on how different agencies can better coordinate to ensure the well-being and protection of Seychellois. Other areas of discussion included safeguarding existing systems in place to ensure there is no abuse, the importance of having psychological support in place, and ensuring the country’s food security. It was confirmed that there was sufficient supply of essential commodities for the rest of the year.


Members of the Committee present at the meeting comprised of the Designated Minister, Mrs Macsuzy Mondon, Minister for Family Affairs, Mrs Mitcy Larue, Minister for Habitat, Lands, Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mrs Pamela Charlette, Communication Advisor to the President, Mrs Laurie-May Lepathy-Ansah, the Chief Executive Officer of STC, Mrs Christine Joubert, the Principal Secretary for Infrastructure, Mr Yves Choppy, Principal Secretary for Local Government, Mrs Marie-Celine Vidot-Jeannevol, Principal Secretary for Poverty Alleviation, Mr Alvin Laurence, Principal Secretary for Public Affairs in the Office of the President, Mrs Doreen Arnephy, and CEO of Agency for Social Protection, Mr Marcus Simeon.