Establishment of the Child Law Reform Committee

30 May 2020 | Social Affairs

Following the recommendations of the High-Level Committee on Child Protection Matters, convened by President Danny Faure on 21st April 2020, the President has today announced the establishment of a Child Law Reform Committee (CLRC) with effect from 1st June 2020.

The CLRC will be mandated to:

(a)   identify and review the laws of Seychelles that are applicable to children, both directly and indirectly, which seek to prevent and punish child abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation and the procedural laws and rules that underpin these laws; and

(b)   propose and prepare legal reforms that will strengthen the legal protection offered to children in accordance with the Constitution of Seychelles, and Seychelles' international and regional obligations.

The CLRC will adopt a phased approach in its review of the child protection laws:

(i)    The CLRC will seek to identify and recommend legislative amendments that can be accommodated to the existing legal framework to ensure needed protections are included in Seychelles' laws while the CLRC undertakes its review. 

(ii)   The CLRC, on completion of its review, will recommend a combination of amendments to, and repeals of, existing provisions and laws, and propose the adoption of new laws where necessary, or where the existing laws are found to not adequately protect children.

The CLRC will be chaired by the Chief Justice, Dr Mathilda Twomey.  Its other Members will be:

  • Mr Frank Ally, Attorney-General;
  • Ms Linda William-Melanie, Principal Secretary for Social Affairs;
  • Mr Ted Barbe, the Deputy Commissioner of Police;
  • Dr Erna Athanasius - representing the National Commission for Protection as well as the Health Department;
  • Ms Catriona Monthy – representing the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development; and
  • Ms Ruby Pardiwalla – representing Civil Society



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