State House

Office of the President of The Republic of Seychelles


President Faure chairs High-Level Food Security Surveillance Committee

President Danny Faure chaired a meeting with members of the High-Level Food Security Surveillance Committee, mandated to maintain food security in the country amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, at State House this afternoon. 

Members of the committee briefed the Head of State on the current status of food stocks available over the next 6 months and shared actions implemented so far. Members also recommended strategic measures for beyond December 2020 to ensure a consistent supply of food and essential commodities for the population. 

The meeting was also an opportunity for the committee to raise key challenges impacting various sectors vis-à-vis food security, particularly in relation to imports and the need for a collaborative approach to better support the country’s food security strategy whilst also protecting the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

The High-Level Committee has been meeting regularly since it’s creation in March and will continue its work to closely monitor and assess ongoing food security needs and advising government of measures required in this time of crisis.

Members present for the meeting at State House include the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr Charles Bastienne,  the Principal Secretary for Agriculture, Mr Antoine-Marie Moustache, the Chief Executive Officer of STC, Mrs Christine Joubert, the Chief Executive of SEYPEC, Mr Conrad Benoiton, the representative of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce, Mrs Sashi Deenu, the Chairperson and Acting CEO of SFA, Mr Cyril Bonnelame, and the Economic Adviser to the President, Mr Bertrand Belle.