Seychelles’ President Wavel Ramkalawan sworn into office

26 October 2020 | State House

The new President of the Republic of Seychelles, H.E. President Wavel John Charles Ramkalawan was sworn into office today at State House. During the ceremony the President-Elect took the Oath of Allegiance and Presidential Oath, before the Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Honourable Justice Melchior Vidot, in the presence of the outgoing President, Mr Danny Antoine Rollen Faure and other distinguished guests.

Addressing the people of Seychelles for the first time as President, Mr. Ramkalawan called on all citizens of the country to remember that they are all Seychellois no matter which party they support and urged everyone to unite as a people to build a better future for Seychelles.

He continued, “For the five years that you have elected me in this office, I encourage every Seychellois to play their part in making a contribution for the further development of our nation. I believe no Seychellois should be left behind, so I call on everyone in whichever capacity that you are serving the country today, to remember you are not only working for yourself but also for your beloved country.”

The President also underlined the need for national unity in Seychelles and to reinforce democracy. He called on everyone to put aside any feelings of bitterness, vengeance and anger. He stressed on the need to create opportunities for every Seychellois and urged everyone to seize the opportunities, work hard and lend a hand in its development.

During his inaugural address, the President thanked the outgoing President Danny Faure for his devotion, the love he has for his country and for working hard for the benefit of Seychelles. He also thanked the outgoing President for the good relations that exist between the two of them. He expressed the hope that the transition continues in peace between two leaders who respect one another and continues to set an example for all citizens in the communities.

President Ramkalawan also thanked members of the Diplomatic Corps present and International partners for their continued support and contribution towards the development of Seychelles. He pledged the government’s commitment to continue strengthening the diplomatic ties.

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