President Ramkalawan announces series of cost-cutting measures in Health Sector

29 November 2020 | Health

President Ramkalawan announced a series of cost efficient measures to be implemented following his visit at the Anse Royale Hospital this morning. The President stressed that with the current economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic gravely impacting on Seychelles’ economy, it is imperative that the country is strategic in its expenses and minimize wastage.

The Anse Royale Hospital is currently being used as the Covid-19 Back-up Isolation Centre and PCR Testing Station. Following the visit, the President has given instructions for all the health services being offered at the existing rented facility; Arc Royale to be relocated back to the Anse Royale Hospital at the soonest. This will eliminate the payment of rental fees currently costing the Ministry SCR 400 thousand Seychelles Rupees per month. 

During the tour of the vacant Anse Royale Hospital, the President and delegation visited the Ground Floor Reception area, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Dental Unit. On the first floor, they visited the Female ward, Male ward and Paediatric ward. Aside from the reinstating of all health services at the Hospital in the coming weeks, the Dental Services will however resume as of Monday 30 November 2020. Discussions on the construction of the new outpatient centre was also raised by the Member of the National Assembly for Anse Royale, Hon. Sylvianne Lemiel and the President has pledge his commitment to ensure that the project is included in the list of priority capital projects for the year 2021.

In his statement to the Press, the President also announced that the Ministry of Health will eventually discontinue the renting of tents being used at the various Health Centers as Screening Stations to be replaced by a new batch of 35 tents being donated. Hence eliminating the costs of approximately SCR 2 Million Seychelles Rupees per month being incurred by the Ministry.

In line with further ensuring effective use of the limited funds available in the Budget, the President also announced the relocation of the Quarantine Centre currently at Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay to be transferred to Avani Barbarons Seychelles Resort, which is generously being offered at no cost. This will allow for a substantial saving of SCR 4.4 Million Seychelles Rupees which alternatively will now go towards improving the standards of medical care for the benefit of Seychellois citizens.

Other points of disccusion during the visit included the provisions for certain specialized equipment for the hospital and home health care services for the elderly. Speaking to the press, the President also took the opportunity to express the country’s appreciation to all the generous donours who have extended a helping hand to Seychelles during this time of need and have welcomed any other partners wishing to support the country to come forward.

The meeting at the Anse Royale Hospital was attended by the Minister for Health; Mrs. Peggy Vidot, MNA for Anse Royale; Hon. Sylvanne Lemiel, Member of the National Assembly for Au

Cap Ms Kelly Saminadin,  PS for  Health Ministry; Dr. Bernard Valentin, Special Advisor in the  Ministry of Health  Dr. Loren Reginald, Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Danny Louange, Nurse

Manager; Ms. Michelle Fred, and Director for Community of Health Services; Mr. Nicola  Shamlaye.

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