The President holds meeting with the Defence and Security Committee of the National Assembly

24 December 2020 | Legal Affairs

President Wavel Ramkalawan held a meeting with Members of the Defence and Security Committee of the National Assembly at State House this morning. Also present during the meeting was the Vice-President, Mr Ahmed Afif.

The Committee is chaired by Hon. Clifford Andre, Vice Chaired by Hon. Francois Adelaide, and has five ordinary Members, namely: Hon. Michel Roucou, Hon. Doyace Porice, Churchill Gill, Hon. Sandy Arissol and Hon. Sebastien Pillay. They are assisted by National Assembly Secretarial officials, Mr Godfra Hermitte, Secretary and Mrs Gillian Samson as Assistant secretary.

The aim of the meeting was to formally introduce the committee to the President in his Capacity as Commander in Chief of the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces and to also discuss other pertinent issues in relation to the Defence and Security Budget for the year 2021.

The meeting was also an opportunity to review the objectives of the Committee and how to better coordinate with Government Agencies, namely the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces, Seychelles Police and all other agencies, which are involved with national security.

During discussions, the President urged them as committee to be impartial when deliberating on defence and security matters and to ensure adopt a collaborative work approach for the benefit of the country.

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