President Ramkalawan meets members of the Retailer’s Association

08 April 2021 | Finance

President Wavel Ramkalawan received the members of the Retailer’s Association for a meeting at State House today.

The members of the Association present for the meeting included the Chairman, Mr Kannusamy Naidu, the Executive Secretary, Ms Louisianne Jacques, the Treasurer, Mr Shanmugam Pillay and members, Mr S. Arul Pragasen, Mr Ramesh Pillay, and Mr Eilvenn Elizabeth

President Ramkalawan thanked them for their contribution as an Association and underlined his commitment and that of his government through a win-win partnership to address issues that is affecting the retailers in Seychelles and to look for possible solutions.

On behalf of the executive committee and the Association, the Executive secretary, Ms Louisianne Jacques, thanked the President for receiving them at State House, and for giving them the opportunity to share with him the numerous challenges affecting the retailers in Seychelles. Ms Jacques expressed their gratitude for finally having doors open to voice out their concerns and seeing the will to look for solutions and actions taken where necessary.

Pertinent matters raised by the Association especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has destabilise their businesses included the Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP) procedures, difficulty to recruit Seychellois manpower as well as opening and closing hours for shops. They discussed other matters including bank charges for use of electronic card systems, license for wholesale, line of credit for businesses among other topics.

President Ramkalawan noted the points raised during this meeting and gave his commitment for further discussions and action taken where necessary. He commended the Association for the charities they have provided to the community, especially to the health workers. 

Speaking to the Press after the meeting, Ms Jacques said that they are satisfied with the meeting held with the President and that they are optimistic to work with the new government and find solutions to issues raised concerning retailers in Seychelles. She noted that the Retailer’s Association is willing to do so much more for the community.



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