President Ramkalawan welcomes members of the Doctors 4 Doctors Seychelles Association at State House

03 August 2021 | Health

The President of the Republic, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan, received members of the Doctors 4 Doctors Seychelles Association for a courtesy call, at State House this morning.

Doctors 4 Doctors Seychelles is an independent association with the purpose of advocating and promoting the interests of doctors in Seychelles.

The meeting was an opportunity for the members to formally present the association to the President. During discussions, they outlined some of their core objectives geared towards the empowerment of doctors through training and improved working conditions. The association, aside from being an advocacy platform is also engaged in numerous activities and projects driven toward improving the quality of the healthcare system in Seychelles.  The meeting was an opportunity to highlight those future projects as well as to put forth key challenges being encountered.

President Ramkalawan congratulated them for taking the initiative to form an association regrouping Doctors here in Seychelles. He commended their willingness as trained professionals to create a platform where doctors can come together to keep abreast with new medical developments and seek ways to improve the country’s health care system. The President has extended his full support and that of the government in addressing the pertinent challenges raised and to further collaborate for the betterment of the country.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Dr Winnie Low-Wah expressed the association’s appreciation for being granted an audience with the Head of State. She outlined some of the projects aimed at improving general conditions for health care professionals that will in return have a positive impact on the quality of the health care service of the country.

Doctors 4 Doctors Association was launched in April 2019. There are currently more than 200 practising doctors in Seychelles already registered with the association.

Members of the delegation present at State House for the meeting included the chairperson of the association; Dr Sylvie Pool and other members Dr Johanna Rapanarilala, Dr Sanjkeev Pugazhendhi and Dr Winnie Low-Wah.

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