President Ramkalawan receives fourth report from the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission

09 August 2021 | State House

President Wavel Ramkalawan in the presence of Vice-President, Ahmed Afif was presented with the 4th Report of Truth, Reconciliation & National Unity Commission (TRNUC) during a courtesy call this afternoon at State House.

The report was presented by the Chairperson of TRNUC, Mrs. Gabrielle McIntyre accompanied by the other members of the commission. This is in accordance with Section 11(2) of the TRNUC Act 2018. The meeting was an opportunity for the commissioners to brief the Head of State on the contents of the reports as well as highlight some of their key challenges being encountered.

The President expressed his appreciation to the Commission on the work they have attained thus far and further reiterated the Government’s support and willingness to engage with the commission in ensuring they are able to fulfill their mandate despite certain challenges. 

Speaking to the press after the presentation of the report, Mrs McIntyre said this report reflects the progress of the commission over the past six months from the submission of the last report on 9th February 2021. She further stated that the report identifies the Commission’s achievements, their challenges and provides timelines in respect to various aspects of the work of the commission. 

Following the presentation of the report, President Ramkalawan along with Vice-President Afif also convened and chaired a special working session with the Commission at State House. The objective of the working session was to further discuss and address some of the pertinent challenges and concerns previously raised and thereafter agree on the way forward.

The next report of the commission is expected to be submitted on 9th February 2022.

Members of the Commission present at State House for the meeting included, the TRNUC Vice-person, Mr. Michael Green, Mrs. Marie-Therese Purvis-Commissioner, Mrs. Marie-May Leon- Commissioner, Archbishop James Wong - Commissioner, Mrs. Eline Moses- Commissionner, Mr. Jacques Gbilimou-Koui – Commissionner.

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