Appointment of the Advisory Council of the Anti-Corruption Commission

11 September 2021 | Legal Affairs

The President of the Republic, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan, presented members of the Advisory Council of the Anti-Corruption Commission with their Instruments of Appointment during a short ceremony held at State House yesterday morning.

The chairperson; Mr. Bernard Pool and the other Members of the Council, Ms Angelique Antat, Mr Damien Thesée and Mrs Dyanne Azemia have been appointed from candidates proposed by the Constitutional Appointments Authority (CAA) and approved by the President in accordance with Section 10 of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act.

The functions of the Advisory Council are to oversee the administrative policy of the Commission, review and recognize provisions of laws for the prevention of corruption and make recommendations to the President for their effective implementation.

Congratulating them on their appointments, President Ramkalawan urged the members  to fulfill their responsibilities assigned to them and to help the Anti-Corruption Commission in delivering on its mandate. Although, he expressed his disappointment on behalf of the people of Seychelles on the pace of work of the Commission since it was established, whereby he made a strong call for more concrete actions in order to deal with corruption.

“We still have corruption going on in the country. Some people still have not yet understand that there is no place for corruption here. It is time to take action and our citizens have high expectations, whereby they are waiting for concrete action to be taken. Be a strong institution that is ready to take actions, make us proud as you eliminate corruption so that we can continue to move the country forward,” said the President.

In conclusion, President Ramkalawan pledged the support of the government to the Advisory Council and the Anti-Corruption Commission in their task ahead.

The Members of the Advisory Council have been appointed for a 3-year period effective yesterday, 10th September 2021.

Also present at State House, was the Vice President, Mr. Ahmed Afif, Chairperson of Constitutional Appointments Authority, Mr Michel Felix, Secretary of State Cabinet Affairs, Mr Mohammed Afif, Members of Constitutional Appointments Authority and Commissioner of Anti- Corruption Commission, Ms May De Silva.

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