The President attends the 2021 undergraduate and postgraduate Graduation Ceremony

03 December 2021 | Religion

President Wavel Ramkalawan was the guest of honour at the 2021 undergraduate and postgraduate Graduation Ceremony held at the University of Seychelles (UniSey) auditorium, Anse Royale yesterday.

Fifty-five students who have successfully completed their undergraduate and postgraduate study in their respective programmes with the University of Seychelles, University of London, University of Mauritius, the University of the West of Scotland as well as the University of Seychelles and IREST La Sorbonne Paris University received their Certificate of Achievements.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Seychelles, Ms. Joëlle Perreau, congratulated the students on their achievements and noted the many challenges that students had to overcome due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She praised them for remaining focus and keeping the faith.

“Let us celebrate your tenacity, resilience, determination as well as your growth today, as we applaud your exceptional results. This difficult and unprecedented time has, undoubtedly, enriched you as a human being and has also added to your great academic success. This unique university experience that you have had, should be cherished for a lifetime,” she said.

Ms. Perreau went on to note that now, more ambitious, passionate, and determined, they are more equipped to make a difference in changing lives and shaping the country for the better.

During the ceremony, she also announced that the Seychelles Qualifications Authority have reaccredited UniSey for another 5 years.

After the presentations of Certificate of Achievements, prizes for best performers were then presented by the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar and the Dean of the University. All sponsors managed to follow the ceremony virtually due to the Public Health restrictions.

The best performers at undergraduate level are as follows: in BSc Computing and Information Systems is Fabien Sinon, Bachelor in Business Administration with specialisation in Marketing with First Class, Ms. Elsie Sinon, Bachelor of Science (Honours) Environmental Science with First Class, Ms. Rajelle Barbe, Bachelor in Bachelor of Laws, Mr. Imman Jafar, Masters in Educational Leadership, Ms. Louisette Amelie and Masters of Science in Marine Science and Sustainability. Ms. Lyn Arrisol.

As is customary with UniSey graduation ceremonies, one graduate was also selected for the Sustainability for Seychelles (S4S) Colleen Morel Environmental Science Achievement award. This award is given to a Seychellois student graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science at the University of Seychelles each year. This year, this award went to Ms. Rajelle Barbe.

The ceremony was also attended by the Minister for Education, Dr. Justin Valentin, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Honourable Roger Mancienne, the Governor of the Central Bank, Ms. Caroline Abel, the Principal Secretary for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education Dr Odile de Comarmond, Chairperson of UniSey Council, Professor Dennis Hardy, Registrar, Dr. Indra Persaud, Dean of Faculty, Mr. Justin Zelime, UniSey Executive Members, Ms. Dolivette Chang-ko, Mrs. Christine Pejakovic, Mrs. Emmanuella Simeon, Mrs. Diana Ithier, Student Council President, Ms. Nassirah Dorby, Directors of Research Institute, Mrs. Penda Choppy, Ms. Diana Benoit, Ms. Sylvanna Antat, Mrs. Donxia Wang, Academics, and other distinguished guests.

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