State House

Office of the President of The Republic of Seychelles


State House hosts second edition of the Presidential dialogues to commemorate the Universal Children’s Day

To Commemorate the United Nations Universal Children’s Day today, President Wavel Ramkalawan interacted with school students from institutions across Seychelles in a live televised presidential dialogue, held at State House yesterday.

The second edition of this dialogue was organised by the Office of the President in collaboration with the National Council for Children (NCC). The event was held in commemoration of the day that Seychelles joined over 178 other countries to guarantee the rights and protection of children.

The question and answer session was moderated by Jean-Luc Barra from the Seychelles Business Studies Academy.

The exchange with the Head of State at State House brought together sixteen students from both public and private schools including the school of the Exceptional Child, who addressed their concerns and issues through questions to President Ramkalawan. They asked the President pertinent questions that they feel are of concern to the youths in key areas such as different issues the President raised during the 27th Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Egypt, better facilities for children with special needs in La Digue school, issues on renewable energy and recycling of water, bullying of children with special needs, measures put in place for parents who cannot make ends meet to take care of their children, the government’s plans for their generation, Clean energy – SDG 7, encouraging more Seychellois into teaching, health related matters, action to be taken against those who mistreated tourists, deforestation, the need for an airport on La Digue, among others.

At the end of the dialogue, the President conveyed his appreciation for the exchange and the pertinent questions brought to his attention. 

“I wish that you stay focused, learn to the maximum, know what you want in life and stay away from bad influences. You are the future of this country and the country is giving you everything that is possible so that each one of you can become a professional in your own field. I wish you the very best and I want you to become solid citizens of this country. I want you to be responsible parents tomorrow. I want you to be adults who will take care of your children. Adults who will give encouragement to your children while you help in the building of our country,” said President Ramkalawan.

He thanked the NCC for the continuous initiative and to the teachers who have prepared the students for this event. He expressed hope that the society, in general, are more aware of what the young people are thinking and feeling, so as to ensure their growth, protection, and given them opportunities to develop themselves as children.

Also present at the live dialogue was the First Lady, Mrs. Linda Ramkalawan, Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry, Mrs. Devika Vidot, Minister of Education, Dr. Justin Valentin, Minister for Employment and Social Affairs, Mrs. Patricia Francourt, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Council for Children (NCC), Mrs. Yasmin Umarji, NCC staff, a teacher from La Digue, Mrs. Tarra Rosalie and a teacher from Praslin, Mrs. Beguitta Crispin.